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Program Launch for Tulane University


April 2023

The microsite is the main hub of information, allowing visitors to review and absorb program details on their own time. We place 2-5 internal crosslinks throughout the site according to SEO best practices. This also has the added benefit of encouraging leads down-funnel.

For a closer look, download a PDF of the full microsite pages.


April 2023

An abridged version of the microsite, the landing page combines the eye-catching, scroll-stopping style of ad copy with the meaty value adds of longer web copy. This is the site that prospects will land on if they click into one of our ads; they may also receive this page via a search engine query.

For a closer look, download a PDF of the landing page.


April 2023

Based on the initial creative concepts approved by the university partner, we pair short, snappy ad copy with still visuals that suit the brand and program. Here are two examples of ads we created for Tulane.

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