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As blogs have evolved from part-time passion projects to full-blown businesses, I've had the pleasure of dabbling in both personal and professional blogospheres. Though I'll always be inherently fascinated by fashion, music, travel, and food, I'll never turn down an opportunity to analyze and share marketing insights with interested parties.



February 2019

The Pollack Group is a tight-knit, digital marketing and public relations agency that favors creative solutions over jargon. Their blog "WellRed" features advertising analysis, perspectives from company founder Noemi Pollack, and helpful marketing tips. During my time as an intern, I pitched, researched, and published my own piece regarding politically-positioned advertising.



Fall 2017

I was first introduced to the world of blogging through a lifestyle public relations course I took during my second year of college. Jenn Floto encouraged us to share our stories and perspectives through blogs, and guided us as we curated online personas. Our final assignment was to pitch our blogs to a panel of professionals; I was humbled when Mojo with Nojo took home the top prize.

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