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I'm a writer, communicator, and connector who, evidently, believes in the Oxford Comma. I hail from Milwaukee, WI, but for the last eight years, I've been setting down roots in Los Angeles, CA. 

Strengths include relationship building, communication, copywriting, cross-cultural awareness, and mixing drinks. Weaknesses include plush blankets, delicate jewelry, PBR, and videos of animals with babies.


I focus much of my time and energy on creating deep, meaningful relationships. They form the cornerstone of my personal and professional growth, and I am consistently in awe of how much I learn from listening to peers, mentors, and mentees alike.


I travel as often as possible to enhance my passport of perspectives, and will never say no to a niche work experience. I lifted stone in the quarries of Wisconsin, cared for livestock on an organic & sustainable farm in central Italy, and served up cocktails in a neighborhood L.A. bar. In short, I always hope to humble myself by identifying "foreign" and "uncomfortable" things, then seeking them out with respect and care. 

I graduated from USC in 2019 with BAs in narrative studies and public relations. I took the most diverse courses available, covering African American popular culture, Asian American literature, modern Russian art, Hip-Hop music and culture, and Chicanx Literature, to name a few favorites.

During my most recent adventure, I swapped and soaked up stories behind a bar. I felt lucky to work in an industry that encourages friends and strangers to gather around a table and speak openly.


Now, I'm a copywriting specialist on the content team at Noodle, where we're working to increase the accessibility to and affordability of quality higher education. I've added to my ensemble of voice and tone while writing engaging, creative copy for over 30 unique programs at our partner universities. 

I hope to see you at a bar sometime soon.



Noah Joe



Storytelling Roles


January 2022 – Present

  • Develop copy for marketing collateral including, but not limited to:

    • Social media and ads

    • Websites and landing pages

    • Editorial blog-style articles

    • Batch and journey email campaigns

    • Templates for enrollment

    • SMS campaigns

  • Ideate for and launch new degree programs for our university partners

  • Proactively manage simultaneous deadlines to maintain high-quality work product

  • Coordinate with internal and external stakeholders and university partners to complete deliverables to needed specifications and timelines

  • Synthesize feedback from multiple sources and integrate into revised work product

  • Stay informed and current with industry best practices


November 2020 - Present

  • OnRamp Media, LLC – Contract

    • Research and write deadline-driven consumer product reviews

    • Cover topics including technology & gaming, fitness, home goods & kitchenware, beauty, and fashion

  • Noihsaf Bazaar – Commission

    • ​Pitch and construct 1200-word blog piece examining ideas of time, family history and cultural norms through the lens of an inherited watch


Spring 2019

  • Research and pitch original content for company website and clients’ websites

  • Copy editing, social media strategizing and media outreach

  • Publish blog demonstrating knowledge of modern political marketing/advertising

  • Develop and pitch media ideas during in-person meetings with clients


October 2016 - May 2019

  • Lead tours of campus, responsible for engaging an audience and communicating expert knowledge of the university

  • Prepare Excel-based daily, weekly and monthly business reports detailing campus visit data

  • Plan and coordinate open houses, overnight campus visits and other recruitment events

  • Present admissions process and campus visit programs to prospective and admitted students and their parents

  • Respond to telephone and email inquiries from students, parents, school counselors, faculty and department heads

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