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beginnings and ends

In many ways, these capstone projects represent the conclusion of my collegiate studies, but also the onset of my professional and personal journeys. These presentations solidified my interest in topics ranging from project management to narrative medicine.


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This was a semester-long group project that I had the pleasure of managing under the guidance of my professor, Jenn Floto. She connected our class with a startup called WildLink, which allowed users to send affiliate links to friends and followers. In essence, it democratized the influencer experience. My classmates and I conducted research, identified SMART objectives, and crafted key messages before presenting a full PR plan to the C-Suite.


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Drawing inspiration from Paul Kalanithi’s memoir When Breath Becomes Air, from Atul Gawande’s long-form New Yorker article “Letting Go,” Abraham Verghese’s Cutting for Stone, and from family dinner-table conversations, Stitching is a two-piece memoir that captures my individual relationships with my father and mother. It reflects on the way I make sense of the world—both in accordance with and in contrast to my family—and it asks readers to identify how they order their own mixture of reality.

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