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Professional-grade websites, research projects, and other creative works produced during my time as a student.


December 2018

I built and populated this fully functional Wix as the final project for my advanced writing and media content course in the fall of 2018. As a student tour guide, I had seen the strengths and weaknesses of our current website and social media presence; my task was to revamp the materials and approach to better connect with both prospective students and potential tour guides.

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December 2018

This project regarding the correlation between social media and dance simulated a long-term research assignment at the professional level. As a team of three, we shared project management, directed primary and secondary research (including a focus group and utilization of Crimson Hexagon), compiled our findings, and presented them.

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May 2018

Similar to my project from fall 2018, this full media portfolio represents the work of an entire semester spent researching, gathering interviews, and writing. I focused on another student organization I was a part of called Troy Camp. The WordPress details the fictitious collaboration between our student mentoring program, USC's Iovine and Young Academy, and Harvard's Hip-Hop Archives.

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